Incredible Connection has spent about R18-million – including investment in inventory – on its new Megastore in Boksburg, and plans to roll the concept our across the country.

The new Megatore opens at the end of September 2008 and signals Incredible Connection's confidence in both the economy and its own growth strategies.
The first Incredible Connection Megastore, expanded at the end of 2007 from 600 square metres to 2 500 square metres in the revamped Gateway Shopping Centre in Umhlanga, kwaZulu Natal, is already delivering a 40% increase in turnover.
"We're looking to entrench the dominance we already have of the consumer technology sector with our 50 existing conventional stores – by continuously reducing for consumers the barriers to understanding and, therefore, buying technology," says Incredible Connection CEO Dave Miller.
"Bringing down those barriers includes offering the widest possible range of products and, accordingly, giving consumers the full spectrum of price options.
"More importantly, perhaps, our Megastores also recognise that technology is a lifestyle issue for most consumers – and that choice and information are the basis of all lifestyle decisions.
"So, our Megastores are interactive. All products are live and available for hands-on examination by customers. In other words, whether you're buying a mobile phone, a digital camera, or a computer, you can actually test drive it before you take out your wallet."
Each Megastore also includes an auditorium in which vendors of products stocked by Incredible Connection can make interactive presentations to the public about how to optimise their use of the products.
In addition, each Megastore contains a Future Store in which customers can see previews of products and technologies not yet available in this country.
"The idea is to provide customers with more of what they're looking for instead of trying to sell them what we think they want," Miller says. "It's the ultimate shopping experience – as much choice as you need supported by as much information as you could possibly ask for. And, by providing that, we're bringing technology ever closer to the consumer, steadily expanding our market."
Wanting to benchmark itself against the best in the world rather than what's available in South Africa, Incredible Connection adapted successful international concepts in coming up with its Megastore strategies and designs.
"Our belief that we have come up with a winning formula has been reinforced by the fact that one of the leading consumer electronics retailers in the US is incorporating some of our ideas in its new stores," Miller says.
"Locally, we're more than confident that our Megastores are better than anything else in the market – offering consumers and business owners the greatest possible value, service, range and after sales backup."