Acer South Africa has appointed TVR Computers as the distributor of its new Acer Aspire Predator high-end desktop range – a product line that is aimed at the discerning PC gaming market and the markets demanding high end graphics and computing power such as, photographers and graphic designers. .

TVR Computers is a specialist technology distributor with more than 4 000 dealers and 20 Soho, SME and corporate sub -distributors within the southern Africa territory. The company has established a track record in high-end niche markets such as gaming, where customers are more demanding than mainstream retail and business customers.
Graham Braum, country manager at Acer South Africa, says: "As a company with a long history in the PC gaming market, TVR Computers is an ideal business partner for the distribution of the Acer Predator range. It understands the level of personalised attention and support that PC gamers demand from their suppliers.
"The gaming environment is a challenging one because of the rapid speed at which products become dated and even obsolete as gamers strive to stay at the cutting-edge of technology.
"TVR's inventory and ordering processes are designed to keep pace with this fast-moving market. The company is also geared up to help gamers upgrade components in their rigs as and when they want to," Braum adds.
"Putting a Predator in the hands of a gamer is different from moving a laptop and it needs a dedicated focus from a company that really understands the gaming community. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with TVR Computers in this fast-growing market in the years to come."
Norman Baartman, CEO of TVR Computers, adds: "We are extremely excited and indeed privileged to be appointed as the official distributor of this breathtaking product range. The fast-growing South African PC gaming market is ripe for a product just like the Acer Predator."
The Acer Predator offers PC gamers a level of performance and scalability that they could only achieve in the past by sourcing a computer from a boutique supplier or building a machine from scratch using custom components.
"Now, however, they can enjoy the highest level of performance in a PC that they can buy off the shelf, take home, and start gaming immediately," says Baartman.
Gamers will also be able to turn to TVR for upgrades and maintenance of their Predator desktops without voiding their warranties.
"Furthermore, we are of the strong opinion that we can also target and penetrate other sections of the IT market such as the AutoCAD users, desktop publishers, professional photographers and medical infirmary with the Acer Predator and the high performance Acer "Crystal Brite" 24-inch LCD monitor.
"Based on worldwide uptake, we expect the Acer Predator to be one of the biggest events in South African PC gaming this year and beyond," says Baartman. "We look forward to introducing gamers to this inspiring product and will work closely with the gaming community and organisations such as Arena 77 to make the Predator a success in South Africa."
The Acer Aspire Predator line of desktop computers is especially designed for PC gaming enthusiasts, and is packed with high specification components such as the latest Intel Core 2 Quad processors, Nvidia nForce SLI-enabled graphics cards, plenty of high-speed RAM and hard drives with plenty of space.
The Predator comes bundled with overclocking tools that allow users to tweak the CPU, RAM and graphic cards for maximum performance. The sleek and powerful-looking machine is housed in a deep metallic copper-coloured housing that allows easy access to the hard drive, USB ports, and audio ports.