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NetApp extends enterprise development and test solutions


NetApp has announced the availability of enterprise application development and test solutions for heterogeneous SAN storage environments.

Now customers can use NetApp storage solutions with multivendor SAN storage to accelerate the development process for enterprise applications that support their business.
 Customers can preserve investments in legacy production storage yet respond faster to changing business needs by reducing time to deployment of new ERP, CRM, or decision support functionalities by as much as 50%.
Traditional approaches for application development require customers to create full physical clones or copies of production data that require 100% storage capacity overhead. Normally, a minimum of three to four of these non-production copies are needed to enable enterprise application development, test and quality assurance teams.
Larger enterprises can generate 20 or more nonproduction copies per application in their development and test environments. This data proliferation often causes storage, power, and physical space costs to skyrocket.
More importantly, cloning and test environment preparation can take days or weeks of IT staff time and hamper development team productivity. The right storage strategy can not only reduce overall data requirements, but also enhance both IT and development team productivity. The end result is faster time to application deployment with higher quality and lower cost.
Now customers running enterprise applications in production SAN environments can keep their EMC, HP, or Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) production storage in place and accelerate their development and test processes with NetApp solutions.
NetApp integrated solutions for enterprise application development and test include SnapMirror for Open Systems (previously named ReplicatorX), which allows IT operations teams to easily replicate data from any storage, over any distance, to a lower cost NetApp array. Once the data is on NetApp, application and IT operations teams can use NetApp functionality to respond faster to changing business needs while minimizing disruptions, trim months from deployment times for new application functionalities, reduce development and test storage requirements by up to 90%, save space, power, and administrative overhead costs and enable parallel development test workflows to enhance quality and reduce risk.