Galdon Data has acquired Abnoba's operational business for an undisclosed amount. Abnoba, a local Business Process Automation company and Microsoft Certified Partner, will now join forces with Galdon Data in their quest to offer higher levels of customer service.

According to Galdon Data MD Garry Ackerman, the amalgamation of the two companies will provide a solid platform for future growth.
"Abnoba has always been extremely competent in the sales and customer relationship arena whilst Galdon Data has primarily focused on services. Galdon Data has always relied on business relationships, but it was very difficult to maintain these relationships and that is now strengthened. On the other hand, Abnoba has always required a service partner.
"We are removing the gap between customer service and delivery and focusing more on post sales and non-technical services. Together, we are now able to grow the business with our combined strengths and more importantly, offer a far higher level of customer service," he adds.
With its customer-focused services, Abnoba has fast become a key player in the business process automation industry over the past few years. Not only has the company grown its client base over this period, it has also invested in a large number of additional skills and staff that will help it grow even further in future.
Abnoba CEO Fairoz Jaffer says customers will now have one single point of contact.
"By combining the two teams we now have one strong team that will boost our ability to grow in future and also help us provide a better customer experience. By joining forces, we have managed to strip out the duplication of costs. We also have national representation with offices in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town.
"Today, customers look for more than just a supplier, they look for a partner that can play a critical role in their business and IT decisions. Customers are more mature today, they want to know what companies can offer over and above the products or the solutions."
Galdon Data was also recently selected by Microsoft to be one of a very limited number of members of the Unified Communications (UC) Voice Partner Program (VPP) worldwide and the first in southern Africa to achieve this status.