Software giant Oracle is making its first foray into the hardware world, and is teaming with HP to produce the Exadata Storage Server.

As the first hardware device to be sold under the Oracle brand, the new server runs Oracle software and Intel processors within the disk drive system.
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, accouncing the device during his OpenWorld keynote, says the storage server will run faster than similar products because the processors allow it to sort data before sending it to the database server.
He says the device is an attempt to reduce the bottleneck created by the data explosion, whereby traditional disk storage sysetm aren't able to send data to servers fast enough.
By sorting at least some of the data on the storage device, less information will have to be fed back to the database server, thus helping to reduce traffic.
HP and Oracle will also unveil an HP Oracle Database Machine, which will incluse the new storage servers and database servers in one box.