Nokia Siemens Networks has announced a new Carrier Ethernet switch designed to bring to the enterprise wide area network (WAN) the benefits of greater bandwidth Ethernet already provides to the LAN.

The A-series 2200 brings the necessary horsepower to the network to fuel demanding business applications, handles voice and data, and also offers high levels of reliability, scalability and security.
Today, 99% of local area networks are using the Ethernet protocol, which was originally developed as a means of connecting computers, printers, servers and peripheral devices within buildings and campus networks.
Increasingly, however, forward-thinking enterprises are extending Ethernet-collapse backbone LANs across metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs) in a seamless, cost effective fashion while maintaining native LAN speeds. As a result, the demand for Ethernet services is booming. Much of its popularity is driven by migration from legacy TDM or IPVPN technology from businesses looking to roll out increasingly bandwidth hungry applications.
Nokia Siemens Networks has developed solutions that help carrier meet enterprise customer needs. The A-series 2200 provides an effective bridge between an existing TDM network and the next generation Ethernet transport network for enterprises. It brings many benefits: it combines the best of SDH carrier-class security and robust data transport capabilities. Additionally, it enables greater cost efficiencies, as a single hardware device can carry both voice and data traffic, and the architecture enables greater traffic at lower costs.
"The new A-series 2200 is certainly the Rolls-Royce amongst the Carrier Ethernet switches – the ideal platform to provide Ethernet services like Colt offers them Europe-wide. Together with our awarded management software Aspen it is unmatched solution", says Eli Erlich, Product Line Manager Carrier Ethernet at Nokia Siemens Networks.
With a maximum switching capacity of 24 Gigabit per second, the A-series 2200 provides the power to handle even most demanding applications such as voice, video or Storage Area Networks.
The solution is true carrier-class. It comes with redundant power supplies and fans and offers resilience & survivability mechanisms to ensure smooth service provisioning. It offers carrier-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 50 milliseconds protection with Committed Information Rate (CIR) and it is a scalable solution to more than 5000 network elements.
The solution can serve as an edge solution located at the customer premises or as an aggregation unit that gathers traffic from different customer networks. Due to its modular structure A-series 2200 is very flexible. It is also suitable for mobile backhaul applications.
A carrier can easily add a TDM or Ethernet service card as required, or use a Combo Card to enable both capabilities simultaneously.