Service management specialist Quintica has partnered with a leading provider of technology which enables the creation of an enterprise service bus, driving its quest to help organisations achieve more flexibility and value from their information infrastructures.

The technology provider is South Cross, which has introduced its concept of a federated Enterprise Services Bus (f-ESB) which equips multinational organisations to benefit from a company-wide ESB which spans geographies.
In terms of the partnership, Quintica will provide South Cross f-ESB to its clients across Africa and the Middle East. Through its exclusive distribution agreement for these territories, Quintica will also seek to establish a reseller channel with appropriate partners.
According to Dan van der Westhuizen, GM: sales & marketing at Quintica, South Cross f-ESB provides an essential technology component which it combines with its ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) consulting expertise.
"f-ESB allows us to take service oriented architecture further than the industry had intended for it to go. With this technology, we are able to implement and manage best practice, service-driven business processes between companies and locations on a trusted basis, across domains and across countries," he says.
Explaining, Van der Westhuizen says companies need to integrate old and new technology components as they create service-oriented architectures, which allow for flexibility and reuse to meet changing business requirements which in turn require changed business processes.
"As a result, an infrastructure is required which can connect any IT resource, whatever its technology or wherever it is deployed."
This, says van der Westhuizen, is the ESB component which is provided by South Cross.  
"This infrastructure allows companies to combine and re-assemble services to meet changing requirements without disruption, in a robust and secure manner. The 'federated' nature of South Cross' technology removes the boundaries of domains, countries and proprietary provider information to provide integration simplicity across the enterprise and on into partners and customers."
He says the f-ESB model has emerged as companies have moved to a multi-sourcing model of meeting their service requirements. "As companies look to specialist service providers to solve their ICT needs, a consequent need for the ability to combine the services procured from a number of suppliers, for efficiency and to deliver value, has emerged. The f-ESB provides the infrastructure to integrate these services in support of their business."
The South Cross technology is widely proven in the South African market and is used by several blue-chip companies including Telkom, MTN, IBM, Business Connexion and many more.
The availability of South Cross' technology to Quintica provides the company with a distinct competitive edge against parallel players, Van der Westhuizen adds, as other consulting organisations do not have the capability to provide a process defined, business aligned enterprise service architecture.
Wayne Robello, director at South Cross says his organisation has a purely technical focus. "We're software developers. As a result, we look to partners like Quintica to take our technology to market. It delivers the systems management and the best practice business process expertise, the consulting and implementation knowledge and the customer relationships to apply our technology in the field."