Workgroup's dedicated Sun division, Horizon, has announced the immediate availability of MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition 6.3, a new version of Sun's open source database platform for carrier grade telecommunications environments that reduces the risk of site-level failures, simplified development and deployment of network subscriber databases.

"MySQL Cluster 6.3 Carrier Grade Edition is a real-time, shared-nothing clustered database system that has been especially designed to meet the high-availability, scalability and low latency requirements of telecom applications," says Bradley McCulloch, Sun product manager at Horizon.
"MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition is already at the heart of Subscriber Data management systems for most NEPs, including Nokia, Siemens and Nortel."
Features of MySQL Cluster 6.3 include:
* Integrated Disk-based Data Support – Disk-based data capability allows for storage of both highly transactional as well as persistent data in a single database management program. This integrated approach provides simpler development and deployment of applications compared with using multiple database programs. Additionally, it removes the size constraints of an in-memory database.
* Geographical Replications – The addition of asynchronous replication between MySQL Cluster databases provides the ability to geographically distribute application workload, increasing resiliency and removing the risk of site-level failure.
* Online Schema Management – Schema changes like adding columns to a table can now be made online, further reinforcing MySQL Cluster's 'five nines' (99.999%) availability in a real-time distributed database system.