Workgroup's dedicated CA (formerly Computer Associates) division has announced the local availability of CA's ERwin Data Modeler (DM), a data modelling solution that enables users to create and maintain databases, data warehouses and enterprise data resource models.

Available from Workgroup, ERwin DM enables users to successfully moderate data complexities, effectively manage database technologies and properly align their information delivery infrastructure.
"Optimal database design is a key component to any application development effort," says John Thompson, CA product manager at Workgroup. "Well aligned information architecture is just as critical and can only be realised with clearly documented metadata.
"ERwin DM addresses both requirements by allowing you to visualise the organisation's complex data structures, inventory information assets and establish enterprise-wide standards for managing data."
Highly user friendly, ERwin DM increases productivity by providing a graphical environment that simplifies database design and automates many time consuming tasks, accelerating the creation of high-quality, high-performance transactional and data warehouse databases. The solution also reduces the risks normally associated with the development of complex database structures.
This is accomplished by creating a low-cost collaborative graphical design environment that assists modellers to visualise requirements, promotes effective communications between the various stakeholders and enables database developers to address design issues and concerns prior to any significant resource investments.
"ERwin DM helps organisations respond faster to evolving business needs by highlighting the impact of change on information assets and allowing users to quickly implement changes," says Thompson.