The Brazilian Ministry of Communications has met with MTN to gain an understanding of how the operator is offering services, including broadband Internet via 3G, to low-income markets.

As part of their fact-finding mission Átila Augusto Souto, head of the department of universal telecommunications services, and Daniel Brandão Cavalcante, advisor of the secretary of communications, yesterday visited the MTN@ccess project in Alexandra.
"The Ministry of Communications feels that the MTN@ccess enterprise provides a sustainable business case," says Donovan Smith, head of the consumer segment at MTN South Africa.
The aim of the MTN@ccess project is to provide empowering opportunities within communication for education, enterprise, and business development through connectivity to data and business tools such as the Internet, e-mail, payphones, and fax services.
"The Brazilian delegates want to talk to MTN to understand how feasible it is for operators in that country to offer similar services and what the government can do to facilitate such projects," says Smith.
"Through MTN@ccess we are showing our commitment to not only educating the community, but also to creating new jobs by empowering entrepreneurs with new skills and platforms to drive their businesses."