Extending its storage solution offering to the South African channel, Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has announced the availability of Dell's PowerVault MD and Dell EqualLogic PS series' of iSCSI SAN (storage area network) products.

Recently named the leading global supplier of iSCSI SANs by analyst firm Gartner, Dell's EqualLogic and PowerVault families enable organisations to reap the benefits that come with deploying iSCSI solutions.
iSCSI, or Internet SCSI, is a communications protocol that employs the Internet Protocol (IP) to connect servers with external storage devices. iSCSI's advantages are that it runs over ubiquitous Ethernet networks and switches, can communicate over wide area as well as local area networks, and, as it runs on top of IP, it is a flexible routed protocol that facilitates virtualisation.
In support of the distribution of Dell iSCSI SAN products, DCC will as of September 2008 launch a demonstration facility, educating resellers and enabling them to experience the benefits that come with deploying the storage technology first-hand.
"Dell's iSCSI SAN products are globally acknowledged and offer the latest advancements in storage technology.  Users will find there are numerous products to choose from which will in turn enable them to gain the most from iSCSI and Dell's advanced storage solutions," says Mandy Porter, Dell divisional manager at Drive Control Corporation (DCC).
The Dell EqualLogic PS Series simplifies storage technology, SAN management and business practices. Hiding or eliminating the complexities of storage management, such as RAID settings, makes the set up and ongoing management of the PS Series simple.
Looking at the Dell EqualLogic PS5000E, the product is a virtualised iSCSI SAN that combines intelligence and automation with fault tolerance to provide simplified administration, deployment, enterprise performance and reliability.
The PS5000E line spans from 2 to 16 TB in capacity in a single array, utilising SATA drives ranging from 250GB to 1TB. Furthermore, it is built from fully redundant, hot-swappable enterprise hardware. For applications that don't demand mission-critical redundancy, there are single controller configurations of the PS5000E that make it even more cost-effective.
Built-in software functionality includes automatic load balancing, Microsoft application integration, snapshots and replication, multi-path I/O, consistency sets, thin provisioning and much more.
Like all EqualLogic PS Series arrays, the PS5000E is managed in real-time by intelligent, automated load balancing software, runs on redundant dual core RISC processors, and takes less than 60 minutes to unpack and setup.
Dell's PowerVault MD family is a comprehensive series which features the:
* PowerVault MD3000i iSCSI SAN array for storage consolidation;
* PowerVault MD3000 disk storage array for direct attached storage;
* PowerVault MD1120 expansion enclosure for high performance applications; and
* PowerVault MD1000 expansion enclosure for high capacity applications.
The PowerVault MD3000i networked storage array leverages the modularity and availability of the PowerVault series to deliver an IP network storage solution that can consolidate up to 16 hosts. It also enables performance, capacity and consolidation without requiring an expensive and complicated Fibre Channel storage network.
The PowerVault MD3000 modular disk storage array delivers simplicity, performance, flexibility, and availability for critical applications, particularly two-node clusters. By including two RAID controllers within its storage device, the PowerVault MD3000 is architected to enhance performance.