ATIO has signed an agreement with IXIA to sell and service its IP network testing solutions and services in Africa. IXIA is headquartered in California and is a leading provider of IP performance test systems and service verification platforms for IP-based infrastructure and services globally.

"The world has changed, convergence is a reality. Most telecoms companies offer entertainment, entertainment companies offer broadband, and broadband companies offer telephony. At the heart of this is the IP data revolution, delivering converged services to consumers and businesses using packet-based protocols. IXIA testing solutions provide the highest returns, including high service performance and quality of experience benefits", says Tim Courtenay, MD of ATIO telecoms.
Whether you are operating broadband, IPTV, VoIP, music, VPN or any other data service, ATIO is uniquely positioned as an integrated service provider for all IP quality and performance testing needs. IP Service Assurance is recognized as a high-return investment and is becoming a business necessity as most network operators and service providers within the telecommunications space are finding the market to be more competitive, complex and challenging than ever before.
"Consumers have more choices and lower barriers to exit, making the challenges of customer loyalty difficult to say the least. We at ATIO see this is an opportunity to enhance our existing performance management services focused on network optimisation, quality of services and revenue assurance to our customers" says Courtenay.
According to Courtenay, this is a first for the South African telecommunications industry, pushing ATIO's market position to the highest level.
"This agreement positions ATIO as a leader in Africa and specialist provider of service assurance in data and voice communications. This is a true breakthrough in next generation data performance testing. Ethernet and IP standards adoption is expanding rapidly as data and voice applications take advantage of its inherently efficient design and the ability to lower total company costs. We entered into this agreement with ATIO because of its market reputation, knowledge and experience" says Alan Grahame, senior vice-president: worldwide sales at IXIA.
South Africa, like many other countries, is faced with exponentially growing Internet traffic and network applications as new operators such as Neotel, new technology such as IPTV and world events such as the 2010 Soccer World Cup occur. The fact remains, most corporations do not know in advance before either purchasing their high-speed equipment for their data centers or entering into service level agreements, if and how their network will perform or cope with traffic loads.
"There is a need to meet the growing local and international network operator challenges, dynamic needs and requirements brought about by new technologies. The ability to test and assure IP services effectively is still a challenge in South Africa and Africa. IXIA is a world leader with a testing solution that accurately measures network performance and allows the service provider to offer a quality experience for end users" concludes Courtenay.