A local development company has launched a resource management and production scheduling system designed specifically for South African SMME manufacturers.

The system consolidates the management, scheduling and control of all manufacturing related activities and resources seamlessly into a single back-office application.
Patrick Ellis, enterprise architect and consultant at developer Wealth Creation Engines, explains: "SMMEs are often hampered by the lack of skilled resources, inadequate production management, and a general lack of funds.
"In addition, these enterprises probably have a commercial-off-the-shelf front-office or financial system, but have nothing for the actual management of manufacturing. Accordingly, they are relegated to using whiteboards and spreadsheets – both of which are error-prone and time-consuming.
"As a consequence SMMEs rarely have adequate control of their manufacturing process and cannot accurately predict when manufacturing jobs will be completed.
"SMMEs also suffer from a particular conundrum: when the primary skilled resource – typically the owner or original visionary – spends more time on management, productivity in diminishes due to his unavailability on the shop floor."
This Manufacturing Control System was designed specifically to reduce administrative overhead; coexist with a financial system without the need for tight systems integration; automatically schedule, coordinate and track all manufacturing jobs, activities, resources and material.
In addition, it has the capability to operate as a general turnkey project management tool.
Given the capital funding constraints of SMMEs, Wealth Creation Engines offers the system on a monthly lease basis which includes full support and access to various consulting services. A full functionality configured trial system is on offer to allow SMMEs to evaluate the use and benefits of the system.