The happiest employees in South Africa's telecommunications & media sector work at iBurst, according to the Deloitte 2008 Best Company to Work For Survey.

iBurst MD Alan Knott-Craig, Jnr accepted the award and stated: "The best thing about these awards is that they bode well for the future because happy employees translate into happy customers and that's our entire reason for existence."
iBurst was also placed seventh in the Top 10 Small Category Winners for 2008.
"The real achievement will be to win this award in the coming years as a growing iBurst comes to grip with increasingly bigger challenges," adds Knott-Craig.
Asked why iBurst employees were particularly pleased with their employer, Knott-Craig says they are, in fact, pleased with each other.
"When iBurst restructured a few years ago, we focused on hiring decent people with solid fundamentals. Then we found out that a diverse group of people can work well when they are grounded in the same value system. So our people enjoy coming to work because they enjoy interacting with each other."