A new meeting place for the South African ICT profession has been launched at www.mybyte.co.za.

An online resource centre and ICT community portal, MyByte is a business network that allows anyone in the South African ICT industry to share information and collaborate on opportunities and projects.
MyByte's value proposition has already resulted in a number of brands like Acer, Lenovo, LG, Logitech and OKI signing on. Plus a number of as-yet-undisclosed industry heavyweights are in the process of signing on as launch anchor partners.
"MyByte is a meeting place for like-minded individuals working within the ICT space where members can network, share opportunities, exchange information and collaborate on projects." explains Neil Rom, MD of Printacom, one of the driving forces behind the venture.
The range of networking tools and Web 2.0 applications available to MyByte members make the ICT portal an efficient and convenient way of tracking industry opportunities, trends, opinion, news and events.
"As well as being able to promote their services or products to the network through their individual profiles, MyByte members can use the portal's tools – such as the forums, groups, feeds and blogs – to find opportunities or source resources for projects," Rom says.
Aside of finding opportunities, getting immediate assistance from like-minded professionals and sourcing resources, the suite of fast, interactive communication tools available to MyByte members enables them to actively debate and engage on important industry issues.
"While helping members find critical information fast is the key goal of the MyByte portal, we also want to encourage them to actively participate and share their
opinions and industry insight in the relevant forums, discussions and  polls," Rom says.
Another example of the interactive nature of the MyByte portal is the events section. "It not only enables members to identify events they want to attend, it allows them to publicise an event they're hosting and MyByte will even handle the inviting and RSVP process on their behalf."