CDC Software has announced that several leading global enterprises have implemented new versions of CDC Supply Chain solutions to help improve efficiencies, reduce costs and improve productivity throughout their supply chain.

Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings is the value-added reseller (VAR) of CDC Software's process manufacturing industry solutions throughout Africa.
"We are very pleased that we are strengthening the confidence our customers have with us as partners in their mission critical applications like supply chain solutions," says Peter Yip, executive chairman of CDC Software.
"CDC Supply Chain has helped our customers who operate multiple plants with complex distribution and supply chain networks to cost effectively meet their demand-driven fulfilment requirements."
The organisations that have implemented CDCs supply chain solutions included PepsiCo U.K, Shanghai General Motors as well as Netherlands-based Ahold/Albert Heijn, to name a few.
"Organisations in South Africa are experiencing huge pressure on margins as costs escalate and in many areas, are skyrocketing out of control," says Ian Huntly, MD of Rifle Shot Performance Holdings. "As a result, many organisations are turning to CDC Software's supply chain solutions for greater value and lower total cost of ownership."
Per Norling, president of CDC Supply Chain, adds: "We are very proud to manage and support long-term client relationships, as we have done with these industry-leading enterprises.
"These recent CDC Supply Chain implementations are not only a testament to our products, services and support, but also our commitment to helping our customers meet their changing supply chain needs and business requirements with new version releases of our products."