Internet Solutions (IS and SharePoint360, a professional services company based in the US and Cape Town, have teamed up to deliver a new concept in the hosted SharePoint market.

"While the IS Application Solutions division has indeed had a Hosted SharePoint offering for a number of years, we have not seen the rapid uptake in the market that we had expected," says Hayden Lamberti, manager: application solutions at IS.
Lamberti says the main reasons include an incorrect billing model, lack of local supporting professional services and the complexity of native SharePoint.
"This partnership with one of the US's leading SharePoint services providers – SharePoint360 – together with the IS Hosting Messaging and Collaboration version 4.0 (HMC 4.0) environment, allows us to offer our customers a highly available and redundant Hosted SharePoint which is easier to use and with more functionality than SharePoint has in its native state," says Lamberti.
"SharePoint360 has recognised that local markets need the resources of professional services, the ability to facilitate training and customisation and provide a higher level of support – which has been traditionally missing in the Hosted SharePoint space in southern Africa," says Gary Finberg, MD of SharePoint360.
There are other features that will be available to IS SharePoint360 users, Finberg adds. "Giving customers the freedom to build custom workflows in a shared, hosted environment has been a challenge from both a skills and security perspective. K2's BlackPoint, which is integrated into the product, lets SharePoint users rapidly build powerful workflows and process-driven applications directly inside the browser, without code or complexity."
And at the same time, a change in cost structure moves the IS SharePoint360 offering to a per company billing model from a per user model, thus catering to the requirements of a wide spectrum of companies, from SMMEs to enterprise.