Switch Telecom, a telecoms company that operates an advanced VoIP and switched network, is looking to work closely with companies that implement and support the Asterisk open-source telephony toolkit software in South Africa.

The firm is offering Asterisk implementers and support companies opportunities to resell its telecommunications services into their clients and earn commission from the calls made through the switchboards they have installed.
Says Greg Massel, MD of Switch Telecom: "Switch Telecom offers full support for the Asterisk software because it is the basis of many switchboard systems in South Africa. As such, we are ideally positioned to partner with companies that supply and support Asterisk-based switchboard solutions to provide VoIP services into their client bases.
"The benefit for these solutions providers is that they can earn commission and grow revenue by adding a complementary service to their portfolios that is directly related to their core businesses."
Switch Telecom provides VoIP trunk line solutions that are fully compatible with Asterisk and the Trixbox Asterisk-based switchboard system. It supports the Asterisk-specific IAX2 trunking protocol, which is particularly efficient for carrying multiple simultaneous calls over a single trunk line. This helps to simplify installations.
In addition, Switch's services support directed inward dialing so that multiple phone numbers can be routed down a single trunk so that the Asterisk switchboard can assign different numbers for different purposes.
Concludes Massel: "Switch understands the Asterisk environment and has a deep pool of skills in the system. For that reason, we are able to help resellers and clients set up the Switch service to work seamlessly with their Asterisk systems."