AirMagnet has announced AirMagnet Enterprise 8.1, the industry's only independent WLAN security and monitoring solution.

Locally distributed by Concilium Technologies, the new product allows users to trace and block rogue devices that are physically connected to an enterprise network faster and more reliably than any other solution in the industry.
This is according to Steve Alves, Managing Director of Concilium Technologies who said: "This latest solution does not rely on singular, tracing mechanisms, which are quite limited but rather AirMagnet Enterprise 8.1 synchronises complimentary tracing techniques that leverage intelligent sensors to trace the sensor's immediate environment.
"This tracing also scans the global, centralised tracing performed by the AirMagnet Server. Information is then shared between the intelligent sensors and server to build a global view of the network, whilst learning from previous discoveries and traces."
Chia Chee Kuan, CTO at AirMagnet, says: "AirMagnet has always offered the industry's most powerful rogue management capabilities. With the new functionality we've not only improved the security aspects of the solution, but we also made it more scalable. By utilising both our intelligent sensors and the centralised server,
Enterprise 8.1 is capable of functioning in both a distributed and centralised environment.
"This allows customers to have more flexibility in determining what resources they want to use when monitoring for rogue devices."
The ability to identify unapproved devices that are physically connected to an organisation's WLAN infrastructure is a critical feature for any IDS/WIPS solution. Traditionally, tracing could have certain successes depending on the techniques used. Some required manual defining of all switches in the environment, while others failed because of the inability to race across subnets.
However, with AirMagnet Enterprise 8.1, it is now possible to leverage multiple tracing mechanisms which includes the ability to trace centrally or distributed, over the wire or wirelessly over the air, and also to trace manually or automatically. The product is the only solution to include all of these mechanisms, whilst delivering significant industry improvements in terms of tracing reliability and speed.
"Rogues are still a serious threat to enterprise wireless networks. The sooner the rogues can be identified, the less trouble they can cause," says Stan Schatt, vice-president and wireless LAN research director at ABI Research. "It makes sense to me to use both sensor and server information to speed up the rogue identification process and AirMagnet's Enterprise 8.1 uses precisely that approach."
According to Alves the product provides a simple and scalable WLAN monitoring solution that enables any organisation to mitigate all types of wireless threats while enforcing enterprise policies that guard against performance problems and audit the regulatory compliance of all their WiFi assets and users worldwide.
"In addition, there is a complete approach to rogue management with the ability to detect, disable, and document rogues because of the multiple detection mechanisms which lead to immediate exposure. These rogues can then be disabled wirelessly or at a wired port through an active blocking suite. A dedicated documentation page provides profiles of each rogue, including a summary of applied policies and actions taken," he says.