With its new bizhub C200, Bidvest company Konica Minolta South Africa has launched an entry-level colour multifunctional product (MFP) tailored to small and mid-sized offices.

Equipped with all the essential features and functions of a device of its class, the bizhub C200's ease of use is particularly beneficial to first-time users. In terms of quality and media flexibility, the new colour MFP does not take second place to another bizhub of the line-up.
"'Colour for everyone ' this is the new bizhub C200 in a nutshell," says Marianna Gdanis, colour division product manager at Konica Minolta South Africa. "With this MFP, Konica Minolta South Africa can offer a real entry-level device, without cutting back on essential functions or ease of use. More to the contrary, the bizhub C200 impresses with a clear focus on the task at hand, thus allowing newcomers to these devices to take full advantage of all its functions without further ado."
The bizhub C200 is indeed an ideal choice for small to mid-sized offices looking to replace their monochrome devices and to go the colour route for the first time. It has a copy and print speed of 20 pages per minute, both in colour and black and white, scan-to-e-mail as standard, optional analogue and even PC fax function. Copying, whether in colour, black and white or with mixed originals, is fully automatic with the bizhub determining the correct paper tray, paper size and providing Auto Colour Selection, thus preventing any confusion on the user's side.
This entry-level machine also scores highly for its exceptional media flexibility. Users wishing to produce on card, envelopes or labels may conveniently do so without thinking twice, as a wide range of special media can be processed. Media quality of up to 256gsm and paper sizes from A6 to A3+ as well as any customised format in between are standard fare for the bizhub C200. The paper capacity ranges from the standard tray's capacity of 250 sheets to 3,350 sheets optional maximum.
"Besides being a simple and straightforward machine to use, the bizhub C200 is an environmentally sound decision," explains Gdanis. "Working with Konica Minolta's proprietary Simitri HD high definition polymerised toner, it requires considerably lower fusing temperatures than conventional toner. Besides high media flexibility this also means low energy consumption, attested to by the Energy Star and German Blue Angel awards, both of which have been won by the device. The bizhub C200's energy consumption even falls below the standards of the Energy Star by 40%. For users, this definitely pays off monetarily, too."
Either as a network or as a stand-alone device, the bizhub C200 proves its qualities and ease-of-use. Equipped with an embedded Emperon controller, the new bizhub makes colour printing available to anyone in a network and it offers a choice of 10Base-T/100Base-TX and high-speed USB 2.0 connecting.
When used as a network device, features such as cost monitoring of document production and document security play a major role. The secure print option requires users to enter a password at the bizhub's user panel so that confidential information can be trusted to remain where it belongs.
"With this reasonably priced entry-level bizhub, less is definitely more. Since we concentrate on the essentials, we can offer our customers the best of everything. This means user comfort, straightforward operation and streamlined colour and black and white output," concludes Gdanis.