Internet Solutions (IS) has launched a new online gaming portal, IS Gaming.

IS Gaming is the result of one of the founding initiatives undertaken by IS Labs, which drives the development of local businesses and technologies for the company.
Feedback from gamers using the previous site showed there was some delay when playing multiplayer games through international servers. The powerful new version of IS Gaming is hosted locally to provide South African gamers with a far better gaming experience.
By reducing the use of costly and slow international bandwidth, IS has reduced the costs and latency of the site meaning more gamers can have more fun.
"Our mandate is simple: improve the South African Internet," says Jeff Fletcher, product development manager for IS and a founder of IS Labs. "This project, the first to be launched out of IS Labs, will do just that by improving online play for South African gamers.
"IS Labs continues to look for any ideas that will improve Internet access, the user experience, or provide cost savings to make the South African Internet a better place."
According to the PWC's Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2007-2011, the global video game market will be worth $48,9-billion by 2011. Although the size of the South African gaming market is much smaller than its US or European counterparts, hardware vendors and big game publishers see great potential in South Africa.
Dell has sponsored brand new servers for the hosting of IS Gaming and Electronic Arts is another key partner.
"Building gaming server capacity in South Africa will grow the local gaming community, increase technical skills and make networked gaming more fun. The new site will give local gamers a world-class online gaming experience and help to keep Internet traffic local, in line with IS Labs' mission," says Fletcher.
IS Gaming is built on a multiplayer gaming engine, featuring top-of-the-range Dell servers with dual quad-core 2.5GHz processors and 16Gb of memory, helping them run smoothly and without lag. The site currently features six multiplayer games, including the popular Counterstrike and Battlefield 2142 games, with more titles to follow depending on feedback from gamers.
There is a strong community focus with rankings tables for individual games periodically uploaded to international game servers, enabling local gamers to compare their skills with each other and the best in the world. The site will also feature news, movies and demos of upcoming titles, and patches and updates for existing games.