HP was honoured as a recipient of a SmartWay Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its role in conserving energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions from its surface transportation supply chain.

SmartWay Partner carriers conserve more than 540-million gallons of diesel fuel per year, saving the trucking industry more than $2-billion in annual fuel and maintenance costs and eliminating more than 6-million tons of carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.
HP's US and Canadian surface transportation supply chain is composed of 100% SmartWay-compliant carriers, making it one of the region's cleanest. Earlier this year, HP became the first company to qualify to have the SmartWay logo displayed on its product packaging after certifying its entire surface transportation carrier network for consumer desktops, monitors and accessories was SmartWay compliant.
In August 2008, this accomplishment was expanded to include business PCs, monitors, notebooks, servers, storage, thin clients, workstations and all imaging and printing devices.
"HP is committed to making meaningful reductions to its carbon footprint – not by simply offsetting it, but by improving our day-to-day operations," says Tony Prophet, senior vice-president, Worldwide Supply Chain Operations at HP. "We will continue to aggressively explore ways to make our supply chain as efficient as possible with as little impact on the environment as possible."
The SmartWay Excellence Awards are the EPA's means of recognising members that have made significant contributions to more sustainable goods movement through their participation in the SmartWay Transport Partnership. HP was one of 27 companies from among the program's more than 1,000 partner companies and organisations to receive this distinction.