South Africa's top overclocking records were broken at last weekend's rAge gaming show. The records were shattered at the Intel Extreme Technology expo by the South African overclocking team using Gigabyte motherboards and VGA cards together with Intel processors.

New South African records were set for 3D Mark '03, 3D Mark '06 and 3D Mark Vantage by GSG (aka Gouhan or Neo Sibeko), Seth (aka Flytek or Seth Anderson), Trax (aka Marc Unser) and Vivi (aka Goddy Roodt) who went through 150l of liquid nitrogen to achieve the historic results.
All four overclockers are members of the South African Overclocking team that was represented by GSG, Seth and Trax at the Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship in Taiwan on 25 September 2008.
The local records were previously held by GSG, who broke his own records twice during the weekend's session and achieved seventh place worldwide for 3D Mark Vantage on Sunday, 5 October.
"We went into this weekend's session with a lot of confidence based on the caliber of hardware that we would be using," comments Neo Sibeko, aka GSG/Gouhan. "Gigabyte and Intel have certainly taken the centre stage in overclocking circles recently and we are all huge fans of their hardware."