South African electricity consumers are in for a further electricity shock next year when parliament is expected to pass legislation allowing Eskom to levy penalties for electricity use above a pre-determined point probably 10% lower than current usage.

This is according to Barry Bredenkamp, general operations manager at the National Energy Efficiency Agency, who took part in a panel discussion at IBM's Global Innovation Outlook Africa forum yesterday.
Bredenkamp points out the the electricity supply situation in South Africa is still rocky, despite the decision earlier this year to suspend load-shedding. He warns that the grid was operating on the edge of catastrophe for most of this week.
A move to penalise consumers for use above a set usage level that is likely to be set next year is a blow for those users who have already substantially cut their usage in response to calls for energy conservation earlier this year.
Those consumers who heeded the call could find themselves unable to make substantial further cuts and may bear the brunt of new penalties.