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Konica Minolta’s bizhub has embedded document management


Konica Minolta South Africa has announced a new feature for its bizhub multifunctional products: an embedded document management solution, Docnet, which allows users to index, file and retrieve documents directly from their bizhub devices – without having to use a PC or receiving training beforehand.

"With the need for effective content retrieval systems ever on the increase due to government regulations calling for improved document retrieval processes and companies offering faster service to their customers, the need for a web-based document archiving solution like DocNet has never been greater," says Mohammed Vachiat, product manager at Konica Minolta South Africa.
DocNet is aimed at entry level to mid-sized companies and enables users to file, index and retrieve a variety of documents quickly and easily and access critical information from anywhere at any time.
"A typical office worker still spends up to 40% of the time looking for information. Add to this the fact that five percent of all documents are filed incorrectly, and the result that most professionals spend more than 150 hours annually looking for incorrectly-filed documents and about 500 hours on reviewing and routing files, is hardly surprising.
"DocNet is an efficient and effective way of keeping track of all documents for retrieval and allows users with different user access rights to access the documents they need to do their jobs," says Vachiat.
"The new integration with the bizhub means that users can become more productive within the workplace by filing, scanning, retrieving and printing from the device as opposed to regularly having to walk to and fro from their desks.
"Information is every organisation's most valuable asset. But, regardless of how much data an organisation stores, it is useless if users cannot find, retrieve and apply its content in activities within their business," he states. "This is where the bizhub with embedded document management can become a differentiator for local businesses."