The average UK household will work its way through more than 250 electrical devices over a period of 60 years, according to a new survey.

The poll of 3 000 households by USK reviewer found that Brits will shell out a small fortune replacing items such as the TV, oven, freezer and hairdryer in their lifetime.
The research revealed that electrical items rarely last longer than six years – and the kitchen kettle is the item Brits use and replace the most. Over 60 years, each household will get through 20 kettles and spend about £1 000.00 – that's a new kettle every three years.
The most expensive item to replace is the home PC – Brits replace their computers every four years, spending about £500.00 a time. This is followed by the oven which will need replacing every six years at approximately £545.00 each and the TV which people tend to replace every five years, following advances in technology.
In total, Brits will fork out £48 940.00 on electrical devices over their lifetime.
Chris Winstanley, spokesman for, says: "What this poll does reveal is that Brits are spending an average of £815.66 every year on replacing their used, broken or out-dated electrical items.
"That's an awful lot of money in the current climate, so it's no surprise that the research tells us 77% of Brits are now opting to read customer reviews before selecting items such as televisions, washing machines and dishwashers.
"And in light of the credit crunch, 69% of people are taking more time over choosing electrical products."
However, half of the respondents admitted that they are still happy to go out and buy a new electrical item to replace broken ones, rather than fix them. And when shopping for new appliances, 84% will still look for something that is middle of the range rather than heading straight for the bargain brands.