Epson continues to deliver quality to home scanning with the introduction of two new scanners: The Epson Perfection V300 Photo and the Epson Perfection V30 scanners.

The Epson Perfection V300 Photo is designed to meet the needs of the photo enthusiast, offers the high quality photo and film scanning with low power consumption. It is ideal for scanning documents, photos, film or books and has a 4800 dpi scan resolution and a built-in transparency unit for scanning 35mm films and slides with the supplied film holder.
The V300 Photo is capable of either landscape or portrait orientation for easy 2 way scanning and includes Epson Easy Photo Fix which eliminates the difficulty in restoring colour, correcting backlight or removing dust and discolouration from images. This makes the V300 the perfect companion for a number of applications from printing or archiving to scanning for arts and crafts.
A Charged Coupled Device (CCD) is integral in the V300's slim-line design giving users superior image quality coupled with advanced scanning technology including the ability to scan pages direct to a searchable PDF document.  Additionally the V300 Photo is equipped with ReadyScan LED technology which means the unit has low power consumption and requires virtually no warm up time. As with the rest of the Epson Perfection range, the V300 Photo is Energy Star compliant.
The Epson Perfection V30 reaches an optical resolution of 4800 dpi, this product is the perfect solution for home scanning and will quickly and easily scan everything from documents to photos.  It comes in a compact and stylish slim-line design, providing users with a contemporary addition to their home without compromising on quality and innovation.
It is equipped with ReadyScan LED technology which means that the unit has low power consumption and requires virtually no warm-up time. As with the rest of the Epson Perfection range, the Perfection V30 is Energy Star compliant.
A multiple scan to PDF button has been added, which allows users to automatically save documents into PDF format so they are easy to email and file.  The Perfection V30 also scans documents up to 25mm thick with the lid closed thanks to the fully open lid design which when open fully to 180-degree it can copy large document formats, crucial for scanning thick textbooks with heavy spines.
Albert Fayard, GM of Epson SA, says: "These two new scanners will fully satisfy the needs of the home or small office customer who wants to scan important documents or letters to email, when faxing is not an option. And with the inclusion of Epson Easy Photo FixT they can easily scan and restore photos."
Epson V300 Photo key features include:
* 4800 dpi optical resolution for outstanding scanning;
* Built-in transparency unit for scanning films and slides;
* ReadyScan LED technology for low power consumption, instant on scanning;
* Restore photos and films with Epson Easy Photo Fix;
* Scan to multi-page, searchable PDF;
* Two-way scanning – portrait or landscape; and
* Energy Star qualified
Epson Perfection V30 Photo key features include:
* Low power consumption and Energy Star compliant;
* Instant start-up and power-down in only three seconds with Ready Scan LED technology;
* Scan multiple pages to PDF at the touch of a button; and
* 4800dpi optical resolution.