Phoenix Software has announced the local availability of WinZip 12.0, the latest version of the world's leading compression software. New capabilities of WinZip 12.0 include industry-first JPEG Zip compression, a complete photo management and sharing solution, improved performance and compatibility and enhanced security options.

WinZip 12.0 makes it easier than ever to work with Zip files and other popular archive formats and adds functionality to improve performance for both home and corporate users.
"WinZip remains the most user-friendly compression tool available, and the new features in version 12.0 allow users to do much more than just compression," says Shawn Cole, director of product management of WinZip Computing. "WinZip 12.0 includes a complete photo management solution which allows users to download, rotate, zip and send JPEG files – all with WinZip. We like to call it our 'from camera to grandma' photo solution."
Jason Phillips, sales director of Phoenix Software highlights a concern shared with WinZip users around the world.
"Many organisations use WinZip software without a license or use more copies than the license allows. In many cases, this is unintentional and the result of employees downloading an evaluation version from the Internet or accidentally duplicating the software on a new PC without removing it from the old PC.
"Companies are encouraged to ensure full compliance to licensing rights based on the number of licensed WinZip copies within an organization and the total number of confirmed WinZip users."
New features and enhancements in WinZip 12.0 include:
* Photo and image compression-without any loss of quality or integrity-as well as image management and sharing;
* Ability to create smaller Zip files through new compression algorithms and support for additional Archive formats;
* Encryption security features to customize password requirements and the types of encryption available; and
* Improved user experience with various interface enhancements and refinements to help you (or your users) work smarter, faster, and safer.