HGH Business Consultancy, a software developer and service provider in the Netherlands has appointed Ability Solutions as its official South African representative for its enterprise rental application DynaRent.

Developed by HGH, DynaRent is a vertical industry application that manages the rental life cycle of capital equipment. It is built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX architecture to ensure customers can seamlessly integrate their rental business into their financial, fixed asset and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.
"DynaRent handles the full life cycle involved in renting capital equipment," says John Olsson, sales and marketing director of Ability Solutions. "Integrating it with AX means the rental agreement can be tracked from first enquiry to completion with data automatically updated and linked to each client's historical accounts and customer profiles."
DynaRent breaks the components of a quote down into manageable components that can easily be displayed in a graphical interface. This dashboard allows the company to gain a bird's eye view of its equipment and simplifies the process of scheduling deployment.
In the event of a customer changing the rental agreement in mid-contract, the graphical components can be rearranged in a drag-and-drop manner to ensure no clients are left empty-handed and that as little of the equipment is left unused at any one time. The information is then translated into dates and numbers within the AX platform.
"DynaRent offers the full rental life cycle management functionality any company requires, including asset, equipment, logistics, route planning and even permit application features when required," adds Olsson. "It also looks at the human resources angle to ensure the people assigned to jobs have the necessary qualifications, such as driver's licences and so forth.
"Moreover, to ensure rental companies get the most out of their assets, DynaRent is also equipped to manage the life cycle of equipment. The software will alert users when preventative maintenance is due and when each asset nearing its end of life."
DynaRent can be used by any company in any industry that has a large fleet of capital equipment for rental.
Working with DynaRent will allow companies to increase their net revenue without additional, excessive expenditure, reduce its service and transportation costs due to improved logistics and planning, and improve its service levels over all as the application allows for precise planning to ensure the optimal equipment is delivered to customers on time, every time.