Netgear commissioned The Tolly Group, one of the premier independent testing laboratories in the IT industry, to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of its ProSafe GSM7224R Gigabit Ethernet Switch.

The objective of the test was to quantify its Layer 2, zero-loss, bidirectional throughput, evaluate the cost of ownership and verify key functions against two competitive products.
In addition, Tolly Group engineers audited a range of features covering Layer 2 functions, management, security Quality of Servcie (QoS), routing and multicast capabilities.
These were validated under the auspices of The Tolly Group's Tolly Verified (TV) programme. In all Netgear earned more than a dozen TV certificates in the tests which demonstrated that the ProSafe switch consumed significantly less power (up to 38% less) than its nearest rival in order to deliver a Gigabit of throughput.
Commenting on the test, Armand Steffens Netgear product manager at local distributor Duxbury Networking, says it underlines the energy efficiency of the ProSafe switch – it consumed just 40 watts during a one-minute traffic snapshot – which translates into lower overall operating costs, particularly when data centre cooling costs are added.
"The Tolly Group report shows that the ProSafe is up to 37% cheaper to operate over a five year period than its competitors. When the purchase price is factored into the equation – it costs half as much as its opposition – the benefits are clear," adds Steffens.
At the conclusion of the test, The Tolly Group reported that the ProSafe switch "delivers an expansive set of capabilities to help small-to-medium size business users manage and secure their networks".