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DCC delivers Overland, Mobotix video surveillance


Overland Storage has announced the formation of a strategic, global alliance with Mobotix Vision Systems, the leader in high-resolution IP network cameras, to deliver video surveillance and archiving solutions for the under 100-camera system market.

Local distributor of Overland Storage solutions, Drive Control Corporation (DCC), will offer this bundled solution including Overland's Snap Server network attached storage (NAS) appliance family with Mobotix's line of high-resolution digital, network-based video security solutions to its resellers.
The move comes as a response to the growing demand from organisations of all sizes and across many different market segments seeking affordable, easy to install, fully functional surveillance systems for a number of applications, including security, litigation protection, employee and customer monitoring and asset control.
The high-resolution digital images provided by Mobotix's IP cameras offer far superior quality over their analogue counterparts, therefore tremendously improving the performance of a variety of security and video analytics applications. Though extremely advantageous for an assortment of security and video analytics applications, high- resolution images require pairing with a storage solution that delivers additional capacity as well as performance, flexibility and scalability with rock-solid reliability.
Says Jacques van Zijl, Overland Storage product specialist at DCC: "This bundled solution is providing our resellers with the advantage of a complete solution, including the storage requirements for storing digital images to disk. This makes it ideal for markets such as entertainment (casinos) and any corporate environment that requires security delivering the convenience and quality that digital image, storage and retrieval offers."
Mobotix pioneered the development of IP cameras and encoders that can cost-efficiently record directly to network storage over an Ethernet network via CIFS or NFS using open MxPEG format. This efficient approach to video recording utilises less bandwidth while storing high resolution video images over the network directly to a file share.
Says Steve Rogers, director of solutions for Overland Storage: "Overland's Snap Server line is well suited for a security surveillance application. The product's small footprint combined with outstanding scalability and ease of use delivers exceptional storage capacity while also providing expansion potential for accommodating future growth."
Mobotix offers one of the most efficient recording formats (MxPEG) for recording high resolution video direct to network storage, thus eliminating the need for network video recorders. "The partnership between Overland and Mobotix gives companies an easy-to-use, turnkey solution bundle to meet their video surveillance needs," says Peter Mckee, international director for Mobotix. "We are thrilled to team with Overland, a storage solution provider with a longstanding reputation for delivering high-performance products that are easy to use, flexible and reliable. These traits appeal greatly to Mobotix installers while helping usher in the newest generation of IT-savvy security CCTV installers."
Overland's Snap Server NAS solutions offer exceptional price/performance for individuals, remote offices, workgroups, departments, and distributed enterprises. Whether a fixed capacity system is required or one capable of providing massive scalability, Snap Servers' ease of use paired with "set it and forget it" reliability will minimise the demand for IT resources while lowering the total overall cost (TOC) of any storage solution.