FrontRange Solutions has announced the launch of Centennial Discovery 8.0, the latest version of its IT audit solution, which introduces a truly-integrated approach to populating Service Management and Client Lifecycle Management solutions with comprehensive and up-to-date information about all IT assets on the network.

Centennial Discovery 8.0 is the first new version of the product since FrontRange acquired Centennial Software in April 2008.  It has been developed systematically to provide a direct feed from its asset repository into the FrontRange, ITSM, Client Lifecycle and HEAT solutions – empowering service, support and network management staff with the information they need to work faster and smarter.  Centennial Discovery 8.0 will also provide detailed software installation and usage information to the innovative Centennial License Manager solution.
Andy Burton, newly-appointed Vice President for the Infrastructure Management Group at FrontRange, commented: "One of the main criticisms levelled at framework solutions is that they lack integration between components and are expensive to customize.  By creating an effective pre-integration between Discovery and our other IT and Service management solutions, FrontRange has reduced both the implementation time and cost of investing in effective solutions."
Steve Dryer, CEO of the Discovery and FrontRange top reseller in North America, sees a great market opportunity for the integrated solutions: "The Centennial IT asset discovery and license management solutions are exceptional.  The integration will add a lot of value to the FrontRange IT infrastructure, help desk and service management solutions.  Our customers indicate capabilities such as low overhead and feature-reach IP device discovery, location mapping, software license compliance and management and integration with their help desk operations as key to their decision to adopt these solutions."
Centennial Discovery is a multi-platform, dynamic IT audit solution, which finds, tracks and reports on all hardware and software installed across the corporate network.  This information is essential to a wide variety of IT and business stakeholders, from IT staff who can dramatically cut resolution times thanks to having pre-populated configuration data in their help desk interface, to procurement managers who can ensure that budget isn't wasted on redundant IT assets.
Centennial Discovery 8.0 is available immediately, with a free 30-day trial available from  Existing Centennial Discovery users with a current maintenance contract can upgrade their installation from the Centennial support site at no additional cost.