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TallyGenicom introduces its 9045N high speed mono laser


TallyGenicom has announced a series of additional features to its robust, heavy-duty mono laser printer- the 9045N.

The printer now comes with Secure Print, Delayed Print, Walk To Print, Stored Print and IP Filtering features as standard. These new features further complement the printers 533Mhz processor and high print speeds of 45 pages-per-minute. It is ideally suited for the heavy workload environment typically seen in offices today.
"In today's fast paced office, there is an increasing need for mission critical, heavy duty printers," comments TallyGenicom SA's Director, Peter Vieira. "The new features make the 9045 an ideal choice for business critical print applications in any business. They also come as standard in the printer, which provides an attractive proposition to the market, compared to some of the 'add-on' applications that often increase the purchase price of the printer."
The 9045N is capable of impressive output of 150,000 pages per month, making it the ideal choice for even the most demanding office environment. It can also be configured with an extensive list of paper handling features including multiple bins and duplex, enabling paper handling of both 150 sheet multi-purpose feeder and 550 sheet universal cassette.
Equipped with TallyGenicom Intellifilter technology, the 9045N can seamlessly migrate from other printer technologies, such as line printers or even serial dot matrix printers, thus eliminating the need for expensive server software. The 9045N comes with 128Mb memory, expandable to 512Mb, to cope with the most demanding print jobs.
The new features in the printer empower users with the following benefits:
* Secure Print: Secure print is now become imperative for most organisations, in light of the increase in data loss cases. With TallyGenicom's Secure Print, any print job is PIN protected and documents can only be collected by the person who initiates the print job.
* Delayed Print: Organisations printing large amounts of documents such as mail shots can create a print queue and delay the print of other documents. The Delayed Print feature enables users to set a pre-determined time for the printing to commence, for example a lunch hour or during out of hours when there is likely to be less printer activity.
* Walk To Print: Sometimes called "pull print". Print jobs can only be collected from the printer by the operator entering keystrokes at the printer. Recent studies show this can reduce printed output by up to 25%, effectively saving on wasted paper in the office.
* Stored Print: For business critical documents this feature is ideal. It stores jobs on the printer's memory once it is printed, ensuring that important documents are not lost to paper waste or system failures.
* IP Filtering: IP Filtering means that only specified IP Addresses can access the printer. This feature will enable organisations to further cut down on excessive printing costs by reducing access to the printers. Organisations with large workgroup printers can save on consumables as well as paper as only employees with access can print their documents.
"With high duty cycles and these new features, the 9045N will meet any businesses printing needs and with the bountiful paper handling options it is the lynchpin of any office," adds Vieira. "Businesses with mission critical print requirements will benefit from the robustness of the document solutions provided within the 9045N."