4 September 2008 saw Digital Solutions Group (DSG), a multi-channel commerce partner for business; officially align itself with Ciqual, as the sole distributors of Ciqual products to the African continent.

Through DSG's expertise in this field and the need for local advancement in technology offerings in Africa, as well as for superior customer service, this agreement enables DSG to enhance Ciqual's international market offering and bring to Africa new and innovative mobile customer management systems.
"As mobile marketing and customer service become ever more important to business success and strategy, it is great to see that South Africa and Africa as a whole are embracing other technology products to deliver solid customer solutions, customer contact methodologies and ultimately, targeted marketing campaigns", says Yaron Assabi, CEO of Digital Solutions Group.
Ciqual, a company founded in Scotland in 2007, develops solutions that enable Wireless Service Providers (WSP) to capture unique and actionable information that is actual, in real-time and provides a dynamic picture of the experience customers have with products and services.
"The integration of these products into the African market equip business owners to better understand their customers and act on this knowledge timely – ensuring better service delivery and more importantly, a superior product offering which goes a long way to achieve customer retention", continues Assabi.
"As Africa is a growing business hub, despite the economic downturn, it is essential that we as business owners, retain our customers, and listening to their needs and wants is one way of doing so."
Tom Walls, CEO of Ciqual, adds: "Ciqual has chosen DSG as its business partner as they have demonstrated an excellent understanding of the emerging mobile market in Africa. DSG has a proven track record of leveraging its initial customer project engagements to deliver solutions that add business value to their customers. This customer-centric model is ideally suited to the Customer Insight solutions delivered by Ciqual."