The lack of PC penetration in Africa means that literally millions don't have access to the "killer app" that is e-mail. But local IT industry veteran and philanthropist Garry Hodgson is looking to change that with the official launch of a mobile e-mail service, Meemo – and he's looking for resellers to help him achieve this.

While e-mail can be downloaded on mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone and RIM's Blackberry, Hodgson says that these are expensive products and often beyond the financial reach of many ordinary South Africans. Meemo, he says, allows users to download their e-mail on any cellphone meaning that literally millions of people can now have access to e-mail.
"I don't see Meemo as a cellphone product, but as an e-mail product" Hodgson says. "And it is an ideal sell-on for any resellers that are involved with customers who do a lot of e-mail and who rely on their e-mail services."
Hodgson says that Meemo is the optimum kind of service for today's always on the move, always connected user.
"Today, there is no longer the excuse that you're 'away from your computer'," he says. "People need to know what is going on all the time. And the fact that Meemo allows the opening of all attachments means that you can read the likes of PowerPoint presentations or spreadsheets wherever you are."
Hodgson says that the company is currently offering two-week free trial periods to users, adding that the R29.95 monthly subscription easily competes with the current SMS offerings of some of the major mbile service providers.
"Some people have argued that they already have an SMS service on their cellphones," says Hodgson. "But if you're paying R1 per SMS the costs soon mount up. What we're saying is that, for R29.95 you have unlimited access to e-mail. So not only can you have more detailed messages, you can also view any relevant attachments – like a spreadsheet – that may go along with these messages.
"Just think of all the people who don't have access to a PC and who could really take advantage of e-mail applications – teachers, for example," he says. "With Meemo they now have access to e-mail at an affordable price."
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