BT Media & Broadcast, a world leader in digital media solutions, has extended the reach of its global media network (GMN) to South Africa, enabling the delivery of high quality, realtime video content between Johannesburg and popular media hubs worldwide. This offers a viable, high performance and cost-effective alternative to satellite connectivity into and out of the region.

The GMN, with coverage in more than 70 locations across 10 countries worldwide, is based on multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) networking technology, the proven global standard to supply secure converged video, sound and data internetworking.  Its fully redundant architecture delivers optimal availability to television and production distributors and supports the media industry's transition from video tape to file transfer, enabling the transfer of large capacity files between servers.
BT Media & Broadcast has extensive expertise in the media and broadcasting industry. It has assembled and delivered the very latest global, digital network and media applications and services for managing and distributing today's media content worldwide. This includes global workflow solutions and professional services to help customers realise quick profitable revenue on their content investment.
Keith Mathews, country business manager for BT in South Africa, says: "BT's strategy is to extend our media services to wherever our clients need them and as such we have selected South Africa as a key market for our continuing network expansion plans.
"We are aggressively and successfully pursuing opportunities in the Middle East and Africa and are extremely well positioned to benefit both BT and its customers by managing the import and export of content on a reliable network infrastructure."
BT's Martin Springer, business manager: New Media, adds: "Growth in the local South African media market has significantly accelerated following the allocation of four new pay TV licenses.
"GMN's South Africa extension will allow those licensees efficient access to the entire global ecosystem of content, and will facilitate alternative revenue models such as IPTV, Mobile TV and HD cost effectively. GMN's high speed and global reach will also help the local post production market win more international contracts."