Chubb Security South Africa has invested R20-million upgrading its monitoring systems. The company is in the final phase of the deployment of the new MASterMind monitoring platform which will go live during the first quarter of 2009.

MASterMind is a sophisticated system which will enable Chubb Security to increase its customer satisfaction levels.
"Chubb Security is the first company in South Africa to implement MASterMind software," says Stefan Oberholtzer, group MD of Chubb Security South Africa.
"One of the most important features of the MASterMind software is that it offers practically 100% uptime, ensuring customers total peace of mind," he adds.
MASterMind enhances the ability to effectively monitor and dispatch response officers with added functionality.
"Our monitoring centre operators can now deal with our client's emergencies faster and more effectively – as all the information required to make the best decisions is available on a single screen," says Oberholtzer.
"A critical priority for us – and, of course, for many of our customers – is not to experience system failure. A good example would be that subsequent signals are identified by the system before they reach an operator.
"Subsequent alarms from the same premises usually indicate trouble, and will reach the operator as an escalated signal with a high priority coloured red – for snapshot identification of positive incidents.
"MASterMind uses the most sophisticated operator dispatch system available. All events that involve an account are given to a Chubb operator on a dispatch screen which then prompts our trained staff through the entire dispatch sequence. Pertinent information needed to process an alarm is selected from multiple files and is concisely disclosed, which speeds resolution and reduces human errors through misinterpretation," Oberholtzer says.
MASterMind has a Voice Response Terminal (VRT) system which allows touch-tone telephone access to Chubb's central station database in the Monitoring Centre. "From any touch-tone telephone, our clients can update their personal information such as change of address; changes to the premises; change of passwords; new opening and closing times of their businesses; or whether they have acquired new pets.
"However, access to our new system will be denied unless the caller properly identifies himself with a valid personal identification number (PIN). We will be collecting (PINs) from all existing customers via a Web interface within the next couple of months," says Oberholtzer.