MWeb Business has introduced SharePoint, a web-based server solution that provides real time access to and sharing of information for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

SharePoint allows users access to a central document repository where they can upload documents, track changes and share critical information without incurring the costs of installing server hardware.
Herman Jansen van Rensburg, head of product development and management at MWeb Business, says: "SharePoint requires only broadband Internet access to operate. It also integrates with MWeb Business's Hosted Exchange solution, giving SMEs access to an exchange server for shared tasks as well."
Sharepoint is the second offering in the company's suite of hosted messaging and collaboration tools to be launched. The first, Hosted Exchange, delivers all the inherent features and benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2007, without the initial capital outlay.
By launching Sharepoint in a hosted format, MWeb Business opens doors for companies who previously, due to cost considerations, did not have access to a document server. By eliminating a large up-front customer investment, MWeb Business is able to provide an offering that caters to this segment. The service is completely scaleable, allowing customers to scale up or down on their service requirements according to the needs of their business.
Jansen van Rensburg adds: "MWeb has been working extensively with Microsoft over the past few years to develop their suite of hosted collaboration tools and we are confident that it will meet the needs of the market.
"This partnership enables MWeb Business to always provide the latest Microsoft features and functionalities as soon as Microsoft makes them available."
On Sharepoint, customers will be able to load unlimited users and also restrict access to sensitive information if required. Depending on the size of the business, SMEs will have the choice of a 2Gb, 5Gb or 10Gb storage options.
Jansen van Rensburg says Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 are separated into two groups: site admin templates and server admin templates, providing the right combination of integration with the platform and ease-of-deployment within an organisation.