Tellumat Defence (North) has been appointed as the sub-Saharan African distributor for the recently-launched Suitcase CCT120 portable satellite communication system from SWE-DISH Satellite Systems.

Magnus Wallmark, director: business development of SWE-DISH, says Tellumat is a top South African player with good relationships in the armed forces, a commendable service record and first-rate support skills and infrastructure.
"The outlook for local business is very good, with a number of programmes requiring satcom systems over the next three to five years," he adds.
Colin Meintjes, Tellumat Defence managing executive for the group's Northern South African region, says Tellumat is looking forward to marketing what has been a "missing part of Tellumat's defence communication arsenal".
This part of Tellumat is predominantly a radar specialist that supplies, installs and supports an extensive range of global defence communication brands. It has also re-designed and manufactured components in certain cases.
Both Tellumat and SWE-DISH have ties to SAAB from Sweden, concerning SAAB's Arthur Weapon-Locating Radar. The CCT is used in conjunction with the Arthur, for relaying its battlefield intelligence to a command & control system.
The CCT120 succeeds the CCT90 in the 'CommuniCase' range of small, powerful satcom systems that have transformed the way leading news networks, international peace-keeping forces and emergency first-response personnel communicate from remote areas.
Its antenna is larger than that of the CCT 90 (1.2 metres in diameter) and capable of higher throughput, but it is as portable as the CCT90 when folded up, and affords high mobility due to an ultra-compact form factor. Like the CCT90, it has a modular architecture, creating a line of easily exchanged terminals, designed to meet current as well as future operational needs.
Customers of the older system can easily slot in the larger antenna.
"Selecting from CommuniCase modules, users can deploy different transceivers to support multi-band capacity, and also inter-change various antenna sizes and modems," says Wallmark. "Once invested in one of our systems, it is very easy and cost-effective to upgrade and enhance a customer's satcom capabilities."
Leading South-Asian broadcaster GeoTV has already taken delivery of a fleet of the satellite systems.