Nashua Mobile has converted more than 10 000 customers from paper-based statements to electronic billing over the past six months and has donated more than R170 000.00 in cash to Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA).

This is in line with Nashua Mobile's promise to donate R10.00 to the organisation for every one of its subscribers who opt to receive  their monthly accounts via e-mail instead of in the post.
FTFA is a national public benefit organisation that promotes sustainable natural resource management and seeks to contribute towards food security and greening in South Africa. The money that Nashua Mobile donates to FTFA will be used to plant trees in the communities where the company does business, and especially in disadvantaged areas.
FTFA planted more than 41 000 trees in 195 communities during the 2007 financial year.
Doug Mattheus, marketing director at Nashua Mobile, says: "This initiative has already proven to be a massive success for Nashua Mobile, our subscribers and FTFA, but the environment is the real winner. As more of our customers continue to move away from paper-based bills, they are helping to save numerous trees and countless litres of water, as well as to reduce solid waste and toxic air pollutants.
"We expect to make more cheques to FTFA in the months to come as we urge our hundreds of thousands of customers that receive paper-based bills to make the switch, to electronic billing."