Metrobus has installed an integrated vehicle tracking system on its complete fleet of 550 buses situated at three depots.

According to Metrobus GM: commercial services Jeff Ngcobo: "Metrobus wanted a system to monitor and influence driver behavior in order to affect positive driver performance and to significantly improve operational efficiency and profitability. Utilising an economical GPS system that provides critical data will enable more efficient fleet management."
Questek Transit Technologies was awarded the tender for the new system, offering a cost-effective solution using the currently-installed Wayfarer Revenue Management System combined with its locally-developed and -manufactured GPS Distance Unit and QMerit reporting tool to provide a comprehensive Fleet Management solution.
The system delivers detailed information, which has been customised to meet Metrobus's requirements, including passive vehicle tracking to monitor route adherence and kilometre and speed tracking.  Kilometres were previously manually recorded from the bus speedometer, which was often unreliable; the new system will allow Metrobus to accurately establish bus kilometres versus petrol usage.
Additionally, significant driver performance data is recorded such as over-speeding, harsh braking or acceleration, over idling, over-revving. The system also monitors routes including position, time and speed.
Drivers can be scored and ranked per trip, which can lead to improved performance. Automatic stage changes ensure the fee structure cannot be tampered with and passengers are charged the correct fees per journey stage, reducing fare evasion.
The system also produces early/ late running reports, scheduled versus operated reports and unallocated kilometres report, which will provide essential management data, especially useful for the completion of government subsidiary claims.
When the driver signs on for duty the system is automatically activated and at the end of the shift the information can easily be extracted for immediate analysis.