Vox Telecom has signed Neotel as its preferred supplier of telecommunications infrastructure for enterprise customers, in a long-term contract worth about R250-million.

"The market has been waiting a long time for an alternative to Telkom and we're delighted that we can now offer our clients the full range of Neotel's enterprise voice and data products," says Vox Telecom CEO Douglas Reed.
"Our Orion and DataPro divisions have focused on providing voice and data services respectively, partly because of Telkom restrictions on our product offerings. Neotel's attractive reseller options make it possible for us to offer our clients a single carrier for all traffic types.
"This is a significant deal for everyone," adds Reed. "For Vox, it means we're finally able to offer a complete telecommunications service, and Neotel now has direct access to our clients, which include South Africa's top 250 companies as well as a large number of medium-sized and smaller companies.
"For our clients, it means we can offer a single, consolidated telecommunications service, with some very exciting products that offer great cost savings."
For Neotel this marks an important milestone. "It's a real testament from an industry peer such as Vox to the quality of the Neotel network and the attractiveness of Neotel's products and services" says Ajay Pandey, Neotel's MD and CEO.
Neotel has been offering enterprise services for the last year and has built up a sizeable customer base in that time with revenues in excess of R1-billion a year from enterprise customers alone.
Reed says Vox Telecom is also negotiating with Neotel on its consumer offerings.