RSA, the security division of EMC, has established a presence in South Africa for the first time, while appointing a second distributor for the southern African region.

According to Rob Watson, recently-appointed RSA country manager, the company's products have long been available in the country through a single distributor.
"However, EMC is working to appropriately market all its solutions across the very broad portfolio which it offers today," he says.
"The security portfolio is key to EMC fundamentally and in the context of the market development in terms of which storing information is closely related to protecting it from unauthorised access."
The second distributor, Egis Security Distribution, has been operating for 10 years.
MD Alon Feldman says the company distributes self-developed products, as well as a selection of security-related solutions.
Watson explains that the appointment of two distributors in each territory is EMC policy internationally, as this stimulates competition and provides resellers with choice.
"In addition, while RSA is a well-known security brand in terms of authentication, the portfolio is far broader. Hence, Egis Security Distribution will play a key role in advancing the market for RSA's data loss prevention solutions."
Feldman says Egis Security Distribution will focus on channel development and demand-generation activities.