Telkom has signalled its intent to aggressively contest the wireless broadband market, with pricing for its do broadband 3G offering coming in substantially lower that its cellular service provider competitors.

Currently, Telkom is unable to offer a true mobile service and users can move around only within the area covered by a single cellular tower – a service Telkom is dubbing "nomadic". Should they move out of that space, they would have to manually connect to the next cell rather than enjoying an automatic handover. This issue should fall away once Telkom sheds its shareholding in Vodacom.
The telecommunications giant is not only undercutting competitors Vodacom and MTN by between 10% and 25%, it is also offering a faster 3G service, with 7.2Mbps high-speed downlink packet access and 2.4Mbps high-speed uplink packet access.
The new 3G service is based on W-CDMA technology.
Customers can shoose from a range of wireless Internet bundles at rates lower than those offered by the cellular companies.
The entry-level 500Mb bundle is R149.00 per month; 1Gb is R219.00; 2Gb is R349.00; 3Gb is R489.00; and 10Gb is R1 499.00. Additional bandwidth will cost 30 cents per Mb.
Users can also add a Huawei E220 Dongle or a Huawei E960 Gateway to their contracts.