Economic growth in emerging markets, like South Africa, is being strangled by the lack of progressive communications infrastructure. People can't communicate and when people can't communicate opportunities are missed and the potential to empower lost.

This is the word from Rick Rogers, director of Alvarion, who adds: "In emerging markets, the lack of a developed communications infrastructure is dramatically reducing the ability of achieving or strengthening economic development, improving social well being and enhancing personal communications.
"Broadband access services can empower local populations with communication capabilities which provide the information to strengthen social, economic, educational, and health trends.
"In emerging markets, where little infrastructure is available yet economies are growing, WiMax-based communications networks can promote equal opportunity communications."
Market research puts wireless broadband growth globally at an average of 95% annually up to 2010. Rogers says that an increasingly on-demand culture is driving this growth.
"Sceptics are always ready to point out the failure of another highly-touted technology and WiMax is no exception. However, naysayers may have to eat their words as the strength and versatility of WiMax is fast addressing both mature and emerging markets, and demand is soaring, thanks to this faster, economical and more reliable technology."