1Lifedirect, which pioneered phone insurance, has launched a new facility that allows consumers to buy life insurance online via its newly revamped web site.

From start to finish, the entire process is done and dusted online – no phone calls, no brokers and no hassle.
1Lifedirect's CEO Anton de Souza says that offering consumers the online purchasing option was the natural next step for the direct life insurer.
"Our aim is to make life insurance more affordable and more accessible to more people. Offering the online purchasing option makes sense because it provides just another direct, simple and non-invasive way for people to buy life insurance.
"South Africans in general are becoming increasingly open to the Internet as an alternative purchasing route. Many actually prefer it and we cannot ignore this growing sector of the market which sources all kinds of good and services – including short-term insurance – over the Internet.
"Consumers enjoy the convenience of evaluating their insurance options and completing policy applications online at their own leisure at any time of day. Why shouldn't they have the opportunity to buy their life insurance online as well?" he asks.
He believes that using technology to open up new direct purchasing avenues will encourage more people to get covered.
"People are busy and some may put-off purchasing a life insurance policy because they simply can't find the time during the working day to phone an insurer or meet with a broker.
"Then, of course, there are those who may shy away from applying for life cover simply because they don't feel comfortable revealing the answers to the sometimes very personal questions asked during the application process.
"There is no denying that the facelessness of the Internet means that people are more willing to input personal information about their height, weight and lifestyle. Providing information in this manner is less emotional, less intimidating and it does not feel as if your lifestyle choices are being judged."