There has never been a better time to rent or lease IT equipment, keeping it as operating expenditure rather than capital expenditure and keeping it off the balance sheet.

This is the word from Derek Burgess, services director at Edgetec, who says the local economic downturn makes leasing an attractive option.
"IT budgets are being frozen, which makes it difficult to obtain approval for capital purchases. It's far easier to obtain approval to lease equipment, whether it's for the short or medium term."
Short-term rental is a particularly popular option, as customers often need equipment for a limited period, often for application testing or to fulfil a cyclical surge in processing requirements.
"Many customers need, for instance, a System i for a month or two to deploy and test new software. They can't cost-justify acquiring a new server, so it's ideal to rent for that period.
"Importantly, customers almost always misestimate for how long they need equipment, and two months can become three, then six. In the light of this, flexible rental and leasing is the best option."
Renting or leasing also makes sense from the perspective of technical obsolescence, or keeping up with technology, he says.
"The moment a customer buys a piece of IT kit, it begins to depreciate, and it often needs to be replaced within a few years. There's also the challenge of buying new technology every three years. Customers which rent or lease from us do not have this challenge."