Hackers have launched a new mass attack that has so far infected up to 10 000 servers around the world, placing links on them that lead to malicious servers.

According to Kaspersky analysts, the affected servers are mainly in the US and Europe, but by no means confined to these regions.
As of Friday, no-one was any the wiser as the to the identity of the hackers, but it was suspected that the attacks originated in China.
Although uncertain as to how the attacks were being carried out, the Kaspersky analysts believe they are probably being infected either by SQL injection or using accounts to the site which had already been stolen. Most of the hacked sites run on an ASP engine.
Hacked sites include the tag, <script src=http://******/h.js> in their HTML scripts. The tags lead to Java Script located on one of six servers, which act as gateways for further redirecting of requests.