Generating leads and driving sales into the African market can be as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. But rather than going on it on your own, sales consulting company CG Consulting has developed a number of core services for companies looking to tap into the African market.

"Everyone wants to do business in Africa, it continues to be the last untapped market that people want to crack," says Louise Robinson, sales & marketing director at CG Consulting. "There are a number of factors that hold people back from getting through the front door, not least of which is just a lack of understanding of how to do business but also knowing who to talk to and how to get hold of them."
It is against the backdrop of failed projects, inaccurate database information and a list of lead generating companies that offer access to fictitious data that CG Consulting has developed a core database of organisations in the enterprise and mid-market throughout sub-Saharan Africa looking for the services of technology providers.
Outside of just the provision of the data, CG Consulting has developed key underlying support skills to be able to communicate to the people in these countries in a number of languages including French and Portuguese.
According to Robinson, while you can buy the data outright, the real value comes from using the company¹s core skills to either survey or canvas the market on your behalf. Developing campaigns to touch these people, or to contact the relevant people within its database via e-mail or campaigns to encourage them to attend events or to gauge any potential interest.
The data and leads on Africa are owned by CG Consulting and were developed by the company, as it discovered working with available data that much of what is out there is inaccurate, old or irrelevant.
The company uses a combination of telemarketing and e-mail marketing, data-mining and data cleansing as well as targeted campaigns to qualify and generate its data.