Local recruitment portal job.co.za is to provide free online job advertising for non-profit organisations (NGOs), charities, community services, government and educational institutions as part of its investment in social responsibility.

While unemployment remains the greatest economic challenge facing South Africa, significant progress has been made in job creation and, according to finance minister Trevor Manual, more funds will be injected over the next three years with the objective of reaching a projected target of creating a total of five million jobs by the year 2014.
Gillian Meier, CEO of Jobs.co.za, says: “Jobs.co.za is in a unique position to respond to the challenge of unemployment by providing extended reach in promoting these job opportunities to South African Internet users.”   Jobs.co.za has recently taken a decision to promote job vacancies for free, to qualifying institutions, in exchange for acknowledgement of the sponsorship on their websites.  
Meier says that only South African institutions that operate an existing website containing the following domain name extensions will be eligible to apply to advertise their job posts for free on Jobs.co.za:
.gov.za – South African governmental department or organisation within the Government / SITA.
.org.za – South African non-commercial organisations, including but not limited to charities, NGOs, Section 21 companies, trade and industry associations, trade unions, political parties and religious organisations.
.ngo.za – South African non-government (NGO) organisations.
.mil.za – Military establishments in South Africa.
.ac.za – Higher education, academic, learned societies and associated research and support institutions in South Africa.
.edu.za – Any organisation that is registered as a South African distance learning organisation through the Correspondence College Council.
.school.za – South African schools.
To further streamline the recruitment process, Jobs.co.za will as far as possible, attempt to automatically populate its Job Portal with job content from qualifying institutions. However, institutions will also have the ability to load their job adverts directly themselves.
Organisations wanting to find out more about their eligibility to advertise job postings on Jobs.co.za should email care@jobs.co.za or contact 0861 JOBS 101.